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I apologize for the sudden halt in progress, there have been a couple of issues with users leaving. To my knowledge, Fire Flyy and Syndrome will be leaving the PC League. This happened three days ago, but I attempted to get Fire Flyy's confirmation on leaving instead of relying on someone else's claim. However, I decided that I'm no longer going to wait for a reply, so I will be opening sign-ups once again for replacements.

To update, Vrai and Thunder_Chad are currently without a team, so any of the remaining members may create a team to replace the previous one. Once we have a third team, the fourth team will automatically be decided and we can get on with this!

Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
I can make the logo of the team I am in if that's all right :)
Sure, but I'd prefer if we hold off until the upcoming season ends. I want to see if this is successful so that we don't waste any effort. And I'm too busy to make my team's logo at the moment.

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