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This is my SU, I'll post tomorrow in the event that I get accepted because I've got to play some Halo with my dad before I go to bed.

Name: Cailin McAlister

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cailin stands at five foot ten, and has a slender athletic frame. His skin is medium between milky white and rosy just being a none rosy white color. His hair is midlength and dirty blond with a golden undertone. His face is handsome and delicate and always in a pleasant expression except to his victims which see his true face behind the mask. His eyes are a clue to the madness that lurks within looking like that of a bird of preys. Like a lot of teenagers he has acne on his face but not enough to look unattractive. His eyes are a greyish blue and his lips are thin. He also has pretty long arms and legs but not enough to be abnormal.

Personality: Cailin is either a very disturbed human being or a paragon of virtue depending on who you ask. He respects his elders, he doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, and is still a proud virgin. He is also a practicing Catholic that rarely ever has to go to the confessional. In an RPG he’d be lawful good or so he’d think. Cailin as I said earlier is a deeply disturbed human being. Cailin is a very judgmental moral perfectionist who also happens to be a sadist. Ever since he got his powers to see into the hearts of people and separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak he’s acted upon his sadistic impulses with great prejudice. Many sex offenders, adulterers, wife beaters, and just all around jerks have been found washed up in the ocean seemingly killed by a Pokémon. The deaths have been blamed on the rebel Pokémon starting a bunch of violent riots by the local KKK. Cailin also is kind of a jerk to his enemies denigrating them with his lightning wit.

If you were to meet Cailin yourself however, you wouldn't see the monster inside the man. He is very smart, and learned about many things. He is witty and very good with women, and is quite the charmer to most people. He's developed this personality to hide what lurks behind his mask, and will lie, cheat, and steal to get what he wants if he believes it justified. In the end, he does what he believes is right, or what he justifies to himself as right. His morality as it stands is a mix of Christian morals with a needs of the many over the needs of the few outlook. Given the choice of saving one hundred people or saving ninety nine he'd save the one hundred because it would save one more life. This extends to killing of course as he believes that those he kills are a cancer on the world and need to die to save it.

Background: Cailin was born to wealth and splender in a rich neighborhood in Charleston South Carolina. His mother and father were staunch Catholics and taught Cailin to be the same. Growing up Cailin was hated by everyone around him because he was different, because he’d scold the children for their misdeeds, and because he could talk trash back to the people who picked on him. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t fight back and he got his butt kicked often. As he grew up ostracized and hated by everyone around him including his own verbally abusive father he prayed to God and the Virgin Mary to help him out.

One day when he was in the market in downtown Charleston he purchased this reddish plate that seemed to be calling to him. As he took a shortcut through the alley to get to his house he was attacked by three bullies. Then the plate awoke the power inside of him and he killed the three bullies with a blast of energy. Seeing what he did, he immediately ran home and tried to process what had just happened. After days had passed and the news was reported no evidence was found against him and the killing was blamed on the Pokemon rebels. Cailin had just got away with murder and liked it. Soon, he began seeing good and evil in the hearts of the people around him. That’s when the killing spree began. Many died from this supposed Pokemon serial killer that was let loose upon the world including Cailin’s own father. People noticed that he cried no tears during his funeral.

Legend: Arceus

Powers: Cailin's default powers are energy based. He can generate white energy and manipulate it in any way he pleases being able to make energy daggers, shields, and chains and well as blasting opponents dead with it. These powers change when he taps into the powers of the Arceus plates . For instance, if he uses the dragon plate he would take on the features of a dragon (scales, fangs, claws) and would fire dragon type energy. If he uses the fire plate the energy becomes fire and he becomes a burning man and so on and so forth. Using these powers too much gives him an alcoholic hangover type reaction, and he has to simmer down in order to use them again without pain. He is also addicted to the plates and the power they give him like a drug. His last power is to see into the hearts of people and tell if they are mostly good or evil. He never leaves evidence at the scene of his murders and people seem to remember him being elsewhere at the time of the crime.


Nickname: Drac

Species: Deino

Level: 15

Moves: Dark Pulse, Dragon Rage, Thunder Wave, Headbutt

Personality: Drac is an unrelenting badarse. He was bred to fight in Pokemon death matches by a local crime lord and after words would devour the young Pokemon that it killed. He likes to eat, and his favorite food is human flesh. His demeanor and personality are tough as nails and gravelly. He only warms up to Cailin, and pretty much growls and fights everything else. He doesn’t like Cailin’s goody two shoes attitude when it comes to everything but killing.

Background: He was originally bred by Pokemon fighter (Pokémon fighting is an illegal form of a Pokemon battle where the Pokemon are placed in death matches) who was a major crime lord in Charleston. He was undefeated in the ring and rose to level twelve during his fights. He enjoyed the fights because at the end of them he’d get a tasty meal afterwards. Then Cailin came an killed the crime lord in his home and found Deino all caged up. When Cailin tried to communicate with the Deino it just said, “hungry… so hungry.” Cailin tried to feed it some roast beef he found in the refrigerator but Deino said that he wanted flesh. Cailin shrugged, let him out and let him eat his former master until there was nothing left. Deino wanted to come with Cailin and Cailin accepted. He had always wanted a Pokemon and his father thought they were evil. Cailin named the Deino Drac after the half dragons in French lore and became a good battler with him letting his sadistic tendencies take over.
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