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This is pretty much my placeholder...because I don't have them all, but I'm not gonna include the empty categories because I don't see a point in leaving spaces. xD

What's on my ballot is my final vote and don't plan to change any of it.

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition
One of the most amazing anime shows today has been made into an easy-to-follow, sandbox roleplay created by the one and only SwiftSign! The roleplay barely started last month, and already it has gained so much popularity from SAO fans new and old.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning
Supervegeta’s roleplay about two Pokemon tribes was interesting to read and to follow, even though I am not part of the roleplay. I’m very surprised that it has made it this far!

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer: CarefulWetPaint
A member who joined the RP corner in search of a non-Pokemon roleplay. He then settled on a role in Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition. At the same time, he's learned the many basics of roleplaying thanks to me. <3 Interact with him and he’ll be such a sweetheart. :)

Best Game Master: SwiftSign
One of the greatest GMs I’ve ever known, and not to be too biased, one of my best friends. <3 Swifty GMed a Pokemon roleplay called Danger on the SS Anne, which sadly closed down due to scheduling conflict, but later created Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition. Like Danger on the SS Anne, Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition received the same success. Swifty knows how to manage his time towards the roleplay, as well as making sure all of the roleplayers are doing things correctly, and smoothly. A great helper indeed!
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