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Quote originally posted by PokémonShinySilver:
I'm pretty sure Wii BRSTMs are not any different from STRM files on the Nintendo DS, so if you use the correct program for converting .wav files into BRSTMs... then of course, it would be done successfully. I'm not really experienced with Revolution hacking, but I am experienced with Nitro hacking. If I become experienced at hacking Wii ISOs, then surely I would indeed be making a guide on hacking them, but probably first I'd be aiming at the ones on the GameCube such as Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. 'Cause GameCube games haven't really gotten any attention with any hacking teams as of yet.
Well, there's BRSTM looping as well, although I've figured out a good way to get it right.
Quote originally posted by Flame999:
I'm trying to Hack Pokemon Black & white and I have no idea how to change the names of the trainers since I want to change Ace trainer Shaun to Stephen also I want to Change Cheren to Jeff and Bianca to Chelsea so it would be awesome if someone knows how. Thanks if you can help
I believe there's a text editing ptogram, PPTXT or something like that, that will allow you to edit text/names. Check Project Pokemon, I think it originated there.
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