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Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
So after a little bit of lurking I'd like to join.

I'm a pansexual, and I'm trying to conclude on my gender identity (it's been a matter of debate to myself for the past six years.) I'm out to everyone about my orientation (my 'tale' is boring in comparison to others), but only two people are aware of my gender issues.
I wouldn't call your tale "boring" as any orientation, coming out, self-acceptance, and the acceptance of others story is always either going to be inspiring or saddening. Boring is always out of the picture. You shouldn't feel the need to hide a story based on the thought people may be bored with it. It's your choice, but never fear people will be bored of it.

Are the two people aware of your gender issues mom and dad or a psychiatrist or somebody?

Almost forgot to mention some terrific news. I am happy to say that I have the acceptance of my sister who was originally turned against me by mom.