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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
but what of people whose choices are being made by other people? (Meaning children of parents who won't immunize them, let's say for religious reasons.) They become more and more at risk the more people opt not to immunize themselves.
If a parent is deciding not to vaccinate their child, that is none of my business, nor' responsibility.

Of course I do not condone religious baloney, but it's really not my responsibility. The world can't come crumbling down to accommodate one person's misfortunes.

Likewise, on that subject, forced inoculations is a bad, BAD idea! Neither the state nor' federal government should have the power to forcibly inoculate the population due to issues of not only preserving the liberty of an individual, but also because they're forcing me to put something inside my body I do not know or choose, and furthermore, that they are not responsible for. What if they put something immoral inside the vaccine they didn't want us to know about?

Population control and eugenics is certainly a scary thing, but it's also very concerning when we pave the way for it with forced inoculations. It probably isn't happening today, but it could easily happen if we provoke it to happen.

As it is people are already complaining about overpopulation. Do we really need forced inoculations where they could put whatever they want into our bodies and not be responsible?

Society should not use morality as an argument for this because the ramifications of it are far greater than anything else.
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