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Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
I didn't go trick or treating, but I did hand out candy. Tho I only gave out a single piece since we live in the main road xD
I think Lucario should be a psychic steel type tbh, it has more psychic qualities than pysical ones in my mind. It's not very often that you see Lucario actually use punches lol. More often he's finding something with aura.
Awesome pic btw, I have no drawing talent whatsoever, so I could never pull that off.

I agree that Lucario should be psychic, but i'm not sure about steel because I don't see him as a steel type Pokemon. A Psychic/Steel combination would be interesting though, however I always thought Fighting/Psychic would be more suitable for him because of his moves.

Thanks! Well, all you have to do is practice. Everyone has some kind of an art talent, even if you don't realize it or it may not seem like it.

Here is a new topic for the club:
If you could create a special ability that only Lucario or Riolu could learn, what would it be and why?
I'll come back to answer this question. I'll need some time to think of something good. :3

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