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Quote originally posted by Shiny Celebi:
No one forces you to take Ritalin or any medication. No one is going to slip things into vaccines and give them to everyone and use if for population control or whatever. about the law thing, I think I missunderstood, I think you just have to take them before entering schools as a school requirement, please excuse my missunderstanding. Ive edited my post.

Thankfully no one forces the population to take Ritalin, and I hope Americans continue to defend our rights and liberties to our own bodies.

No one should be forced to take any sort of medication or vaccine by law because that is essentially martial law. And I'm not pulling fear-mongering out of my behind, because that is the actual definition of martial law. It allows the government to assume absolute control in order to combat a threat. In this case, forcibly medicating the population is on par with dictatorial rule, even if such is driven by a democracy. This is because you're forced by the government to undergo a modification of your body without your consent.

Just understand that for the sustainability of the republic of America, we must respect each others' liberties. Otherwise we ignore everything our founding fathers stood for when they fought for independence.

It's not complicated math. Just respect other people, and they will respect you.

As for vaccines and school, under current laws, you are actually allowed to sign a waiver form if you do not have a vaccine. No public school is allowed to forbid you from entry over a vaccine. This is quite explicit in the law because we have waiver forms. The reason for this law is because YOU, the taxpayer, are paying the bills for the schools to remain open!

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