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Shawn got to his room and cleaned off his bed, new sheets and pillows on it. Seeing Zapper on the sill gave him an idea. Grabbing a pen and paper, he wrote a note, signed his name, folded it in half, and wrote "Yuki" on the front of it. He walked to Zapper and gave her the note.

Shawn looked at Zapper and told her in seriousness, "Listen to me, Zapper. I want you to fly to Yuki and deliver her this note. When she takes the note, I want you to help her find her Cyndaquil Amber. Until Amber is found, you will follow her directions and commands as though she was your partner. I have to stay and find a doctor on campus for Andy when he gets here. Do you understand?" He felt uncomfortable saying those things to her and felt a tear forming, but it needed to be done.

Zapper looked sad, but nodded to show she understood. She flew out the window, making a beeline to Yuki. She saw her and glided around her, landing on the ground in front of her. When she lands on the ground, she holds the note for Yuki to read.

Meanwhile, Shawn finishes and stands just outside the dorm, waiting for Alex and Rayha to show with Andy.

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