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OMG OH MY GOD HACHI WAS SUCH A SAD MOVIE!!! I saw that a couple years ago, in school. Like really, what were you thinking school!?!? I almost cried after watching that, it was so sad!

(*spoiler but not really) And he was abandoned as a puppy. :(((

Anyway, I watch animal movies if they seem like good movies. However, most of the time I scoff at them as they are all very similar and can be cheesy, and a lot of times the acting isn't great; it's all left up to the dog. And then they always have to die! :(

But yeah, they're so sad because it reminds you of your pets, and you get to see good friends grow old together (or at least one of them does) and it can be touching if done right.

But most of the time they're just too predictable.