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Sage Smith
Academy Hallway

Sage smiled and nodded. "Yeah, she is very 'perky'" he chuckled slightly as he observed the new staff member and listened to him talk. When asked if he wanted a Pokemon groomed he shook his head politely. "Not at the Moment, but I might come back later. I came by actually just to introduce myself and see if you wanted any poffins. Thats the class I teach, about Berries and Poffin making" she said holding up the basket full of poffins of all kinds.

It was after this that something clicked in his mind, "wait, you can't stay in your classroom. I've got extra space at my place. It's gonna be awhile before my family can join me. You can stay in my spare room." he offered with a kind smile.

Rosalyn Smith
Near the Mountains ----> Mountains

Rosalyn smiled happily, "wow sounds really neat" she said happily as Killita burst out of her Pokeball and flew at a woman that had approached them. As the woman was introduced she could see annoyance in Drake's eyes and could practically feel the tension in the air. "It was nice to meet you Drake, and you to Miss. Harris, but I have to be going to were I was heading" she smiled and turned walking away.

Within a few minutes Rosalyn smiled as she stopped at the base of a path leading up the Mountain. "Here we are Belle" she said happily looking at her Togekiss before something caught her eye. "what is that" she muttered walking up the path a bit to pick up the blue and black object she saw. "Oh my this is a Pokemon Egg" Rosalyn squealed excitedly, I can't wait to see what it hatches into" she smiled.

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