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Maxwell Leggingsteele
Pokémon Center

Maxwell was taken aback a bit as Genevieve just hugged him out of the blue. She wiped a few tears from her cheeks and asked him what was going on. The teen sighed, he felt pretty bad for her. First she recieved news about her mother's death, and now her Pokémon had almost caused someone else's death. Because lets face it, when you walk out of a hospital covered in bandages whilst needing a cane to support yourself like an elderly person, you're not just suffering from a small scratch on the knee. No, you'd be lucky if your knee was still intact.

"Hey, hey..." Maxwell said and hugged Genevieve back, "There's nothing to worry about, calm down. We're just gonna' help this guy find his missing clothes, that's all!"


Hugin - A bored Honchkrow
Academy Grounds

Hugin yawned, he was pretty bored. Sitting perched on his Trainer's son's shoulder while cooped up inside a hospital with a emotionally unstable girl and a reckless idiot of a guy plus some other d-bag wasn't exactly his idea of a perfectly good time. As he flew around the island for a bit, looking for something fun to do, the Honchkrow couldn't help but shake the feeling that he should be with Maxwell right now. His Trainer had indeed ordered him to keep the boy company in his absence. But then again, Hugin seemed to cause Maxwell more of a bad time with all the cawing and stuff, rather than having a fun time full of laughs and hilarity together with the teen. Besides, it wasn't like he was needed there to look after the guy in case he got roped into something stupid, he had his own Pokémon for that. Even though they seemed like a less-than-stellar bunch, Hugin exoected that they did a good job of protecting their Trainer, like every loyal Pokémon should do.

After a few more minutes of flying, Hugin decided to land in and open area which was bordering to tve forest. There were probably some bugs there which he could toy around with, maybe even a weak Trainer or two were there for him to entertain himself with. Stealing badge-cases, food, even PokéBalls at times were some of the things he used to do as a Murkrow, until his future Trainer caught him and set him straight. Indeed, it had been a while since he last stole something... Maybe if he started to walk towards the forest, there was bound to be someone in there acting both lost and confused, right?
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