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Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay: Pokémon: The Walking Dead
I found this RP, and my jaw dropped. The way that The Walking Dead and Pokémon so seamlessly met in the plot was amazing. This RP redefines the world of Kanto in a way that players can connect with. There could have been a few small tweaks in my perspective, but overall an awesome RP.

Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokémon Fallout
This is by far my favorite RP. The post-apocalyptic world that your character is forced into is vividly detailed, and the behind-the-scenes plot is almost realistic. The mechanics of the game are enticing, and there are many a good RPer have already joined. The idea of the Pokéspirits is amazing. If you are to join any RP on PC, I recommend this one.

Most Original Roleplay: Peacekeeper's Academy
This sandbox-ish RP brings a world of a fantasy RPG to the school setting. The immensity of the lore that the GM has come up with is immense. This brings the RP to life. Of the few that have joined this RP, I have found a small community that I enjoy. The main plot is currently unfolding, and promises a great experience.

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer: Batel
In the time that I have RPed with him, there has yet to be a time that he has broken a rule. He can come up with very enticing miniplots, and can build on those of others in an amazing way.

Best Game Master: PkMnTrainer Yellow
I've got to give this one to Yellow for numerous reasons. Not only does she bring them to life, but she also keeps her RPs fun for everyone. She is very imaginative, and is great at making stories come to life. Out of the many RPs that I am a part of, Yellow's are some of my favorites.

Most Helpful Player: Khawill
Khawill is not only a great RPer, but he jumps at almost any opportunity to help. He directs newcomers, is reliable, and can RP in almost any situation. He reports problems faithfully, even if it's not beneficial. This guy is most definitely the most helpful RPer that I know.