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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
It's not likely that Ash will win this Pokemon League considering that he lost the previous 4 (maybe for plot advancement/character development purposes). I think Bianca might win this one, since the League might give her some good character development.
Considering the 4 trainers for the PWT download are Trip, Virgil, Kotetsu, and Stephan, its possible one of them actually win. We know Trip loses. Maybe Ash will go against one of those three next, lets say Stephan. Ash beats Stephan and goes against Kotetsu and wins, and then faces Virgil in the finals where Ash loses.

I mean it can be in any order, but what if it happens that way.

As for Plasma, I'm sticking with my earlier theory. Plasma was only going to be used to give TR more story in Unova. Since they canceled Plasma's pilot episode then they won't use Plasma at all for the rest of the anime. Could they appear? Yes, there is nothing that says they won't. I just don't see it happening due to what happened with the pilot episode.
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