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Originally Posted by M.L View Post
Game: just testing
I find very little fault in this one, if at all. The map is well done, with well-balanced proportions of grass and open space. The trees look like they're placed naturally instead of forming obvious barriers like in gamefreak. The tileset is wonderful as well-- I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the water. ^.^
All in all, it doesn't even look like firered. You have done a splendid job there, sir.
A wonderful eye-candy.
But the fenced-off flower bed is quite strange and doesn't seem to *fit in* with the rest of the map for some reason. It doesn't really make much sense.

As I haven't reached the big 15 yet, mine will be as attachments.

Here is the data. Spoiler'd for length. It contains data that might help in how you rate the maps.
Rom Base: BPRE [Fire Red] hack Touhoumon 1.8
Game: Touhoumon Phantom [In-Progress]


It's actually three maps in one, but I treat it as one under the title "supermap," seeing as they are linked to one-another, share a common theme and were created as if they were but one map.
The left image shows the three "submaps" or "divisions" of this "supermap."
Note that "Region" here refers to the submaps, and not the region [Kanto, Johto, etc.] of the game itself.

Blue: Town
Name: Lesser Underground [City] [Region 1]
No Puppets (touhoumon equivalent of Pokemon) in here, obviously, and ah, yes. It features a hot springs that act like those in Ember Spa. Weather is Fog.
Music: Route Theme 1 [ZUN's Theme; not an actual route-theme in game.]

Red: Route
Name: Misfortune Path [Underground] [Region 2]
This region has level 4-7 underground and darkness-themed puppets like CRumia as well as more common wanderers like CChen and the very rare CKogasa. Weather is Fog. Encounter rate is low, as caves usually have low values. The ladder up leads to the Upper City, which serves the same purpose in the game's storyline as Pewter did in FR. You are blocked from going into the city (and thus ruining the flow of the plot) by a barrier that can only be passed once you get to a certain point. The ladder below leads to the Greater City.

Yellow: Route
Name: Misfortune Path [Underground] [Region 1]
This region has level 3-8 puppets more or less the same as in the red region. There are two ways out of this place, one leading to a cemetery (creepy!) and another to the surface. Weather is Cloudy [darkness]. Encounter rate is low.

The image on the right shows the supermap as it really is, sans the weather effects. There are minor tile faults in regions 1 of the town and 2 of the route that are hidden by the fog. Good thing, ya? Anyways, I plan on changing the tilesets, so these may be fixed, even if they are not noticed. Also, that large empty space in Region 1 of the route is going to be filled up eventually. I am holding it as it is for now in case a way to use this space (other than blocking it out by cave walls), but if I don't get any ideas by the time I reach the seventh map of the seventh town with the seventh gym, then I will *fix* it. Maybe it should be the sixth map of the sixth town with the sixth gym? Kidding. But I would be glad of suggestions on how I could use the space. ^.^

Now, let us move on to the Greater Underground City.


This city is unique in that it is the only city where wild puppets roam the streets (you will know why if you like Touhou and you know what the inspiration for this map was.) It is the most well-built city in the underground with a neat, even appearance... or it is, in my notes. I personally think it's a bit too square-ish to be attractive, but I have no idea what to do. Can someone give me suggestions here? Oh, and this city contains the last Gym and the puppets roaming the streets have the level range 29~36. The mart is the largest in the game (replacing the dept. store) and there's this curious mansion... oh, the weather is Mist, like the Lesser City above it. Above? yes. The Greater City is far, far deeper underground than the Lesser City.
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