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Today we finish up the group of 4 robots and the Phantom Blaster Ride Chain

Weiss Schwarz

Iru-wo (The AR system in the game)
Event: Level 2, Cost 0
Look at the top card of your deck. If it's a <Science> character, draw up to 3 cards, then choose two cards from your hand and send them to the waiting room. If it is not, draw 1 card, then send 1 card from your hand to the waiting room
Seeing as your deck will be almost completely science if you're playing robotics;notes, this is effectively a free draw 3, discard 2, gaining a good hand advantage in being able to +1 your hand and cycle out cards you don't want in it.


Level 3, Cost 2, Pow 10000, Soul 2 <Science, Net>
[AUTO] When this card is placed from your hand to the field, draw 2 cards, and send one card to your waiting room.
[AUTO] When you play the card "White Christmas Eve", if this card is in the front row, choose up to one Level 2 or lower character in your hand and place in in any slot on your stage.
[AUTO] When this card attacks, if "White Christmas Eve" is in your climax slot, for that turn, this card gets Power +X, where X is the number of other rested characters on your stage x1000.

White Christmas Eve
Climax: All units get Power +1000, Soul +1
Trigger: Draw
Airi's level 3 "Full Name" card and her climax. One of the big things that the climax synergy gets you that differs from most climax summons is that the card must come from the hand. While this can be disadvantageous in that you're decreasing your hand size, you get the bonus of activating the summoned card's AUTO abilities that trigger off coming into play from your hand. The second ability is a good way to get the extra oomph you need to get over the opponent. It will make this card a power 13000 with your front row rested, and 15000 if your entire stage is rested with the power from the climax.


Excapate the Blaster
Royal Paladin/Human, Grade 3
[CONT] [Hand] If you don't have a Grade 3 Royal Paladin as your vanguard, you cannot normal ride this card.
[CONT] [V] If you do not have [Blaster Blade] in your soul, this unit cannot attack.
[AUTO] When this card is called to the Rear Guard, retire this unit.
[ACT] [CB(3)] For this turn, this unit can battle all your opponent's front row cards in one battle.
[AUTO] [V] When this unit attacks, send all units in your soul other than [Blaster Blade] to the drop zone. For each card sent to the drop zone in this way, this card gets Power +2000 for the battle.
[AUTO] [V] During the close step of this card's attack, choose a [Blaster Blade] from your drop zone or soul and ride it on this unit rested. Then, send all cards in your soul to the drop zone.
OMG LOOK AT THE NUMBER OF ABILITIES IT HAS! From what I hear, this is Aichi's new broken card from the manga. Simply put, this card's a finisher, for the following reasons. 1st: You need a grade 3 Royal in your VG slot to ride in. That means with it's final ability, it's going to be a 2 turn cooldown after you attack with this if you have another in your hand, and Blaster Blade (grade 2) is going to be back on the VG circle with no soul. 2nd: This card attacks everything, at a huge amount of power the first time you throw it down. 3rd: Despite being a 12000 base power vanguard, it will die after it attacks, meaning there is no staying power attached to it unless you want to lose your hand advantage. 4th: IT HITS EVERYTHING FOR LOTS OF POWER! Sure it's a one-shot, but it's one hell of a shot. First attack will probably end up being at least a 14000-16000 + Boost hit to the entire front row if there were no previous soulcharges. BOOOOM!

Aside from Phantom Blaster, this is the chase card for Shadow Paladins from this set as the other RRR. The card provides a free grade 1 on the field, which is usually the grade 1 vanilla for a good attack power. While not as good as some call abilities, most of them are at grade 3.