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Hm... I actually like the original one of the scripting style in NPRE, though I was actually thinking... why not we have a mix of them? Like this for instance:

=== Script 3 ===

Offset: 68 Fanfare( MUSIC_ID 1500)
Offset: 72 LockAll()
Offset: 74 FacePlayer()
Offset: 76 StoreFlag 165
Offset: 80 If EQUAL Function 0 (98 )
Offset: 87 Message2( MESSAGE_ID 4 = Già, quindi il Capopalestra è tornato/ne l'ho sfidato./r... Ci ha polverizzato. Ora devo/nrimettere in sesto tutta la squadra.../0 )
Offset: 90 WaitButton()
Offset: 92 CloseMessageKeyPress()
Offset: 94 ReleaseAll()
Offset: 96 End()

=== Function0===

Offset: 98 Message2( MESSAGE_ID 3 = Sembra che il Capopalestra Fannie/nnon sia da queste parti./rEh! Avrà saputo che bazzico nei/ndintorni e se la sarà data a gambe!/0 )
Offset: 101 WaitButton()
Offset: 103 CloseMessageKeyPress()
Offset: 105 ReleaseAll()
Offset: 107 End()
Oh wait! An even better idea! How about we can have the option to change the script style layout? So we can then change between the different views. 'Cause some people would surely like to see the offsets for the scripts and where they are and all that. And there are some people that'd like a programming style environment. ^^

And hey, I was also thinking... do you know where the scripting NARC is in Black/White/Black 2/White 2? 'Cause I'm a little clueless in where it is. xD
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