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Quote originally posted by Autophobic:
Yeah, I've only found one page, I'll go searching for the rest. And I do have one question.. Why is the Squirtle you encounter shiny, but not the Bulbasaur or Charmander?
For others to know, I replied Autophobic through VM because I don't see a point in just saying something without a reason to post anything else related to the hack/progress etc. Related to Squirtle's event, I'll probably make it a normal wild pokemon battle without Squirtle being shiny for the further releases (because there is no particular reason for it to be shiny).

Which led me into an idea... Who wants to see shinies being more common in the game? The current shiny pokemon encounter rate is 8/65536 but I could change it to any value between 1/65536 and 1 (= 100%). Every 1/100 pokemon or so being shiny would be a nice ratio I think.

Quote originally posted by BroskiRage:
nice work on the game im playing right now
Getting feedback later on would be appriciated

By the looks of how you've voted so far, I think I'll be going with option 3 (related to poll).
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