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Thinking realistically what will probably happen is what Xander has mentioned. He'll beat three of his four rivals and lose to one of 'em. He's already beaten Trip (in a one on one match which I don't approve of. What are you doing Unova League stop acting like a Don Battle Tournament) so chances are he'll beat two others and lost against one. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Virgil either.

And then if we don't get a new generation announced some sort of arc which will then show whatever sixth generation Pokemon they leak. The fact that they haven't leaked anything so far is what concerns me about having the league happen already. Damn Unova and its strange pacing.

Unrealistically and probably won't happen I want the league postponed somehow and some sort of arc happens where Ash can develop his team a little to further prepare for the League. While I don't believe they did that bad a job with his team and giving him good members it's not as developed as Sinnoh's. Though sadly, I doubt Snivy or Oshawott will be evolving; their personalities would just go against it I feel. But at least Pignite can evolve to Emboar and maybe Scraggy to Scrafty but I doubt that one as well.
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