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Kiki hopped up on Rahya's back too, sitting and watching Andy closely. She put her hand into her pocket and fished about for something, using her other hand to check if he had a fever. She finally found it, a small bag of dried Oran Berry chips! She munched on one and offered one to Rahya, placing one in Andy's mouth. They had healing propeties she knew, maybe it would help him recover?

"Rahya, um... I know you aren't my pokemon, but we need to go to that big yellow building, see it?" she said, no longer sounding like a simpleton, pointing at the large dorm in front of her.


Cynder stopped when she saw the ocean. Bah... That wasn't what she wanted! Granted, they had been near the beach... The young cyndaquil huffed and plopped down in the sand, looking around nervously. She didn't like being out here alone, she wanted her trainer!
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