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Keiri! I love Bleach!

Zanpakuto Name: Shiryo (Death Dragon)
Type: Unclassified
Zanpakuto Spirit: The spirit of Shiryo is a black dragon with red markings all over its body (see below).
Release Command: Blaze over the ashen skies
Shikai Details: Shiryo creates a heavy, blood-red mist that makes enemies feel despair and hopelessness, and also dulls their senses immensly, allowing the wielder to dispatch them with ease.
Bankai Name: Ten Shiryo (Heavenly Death Dragon)
Bankai Details: When an enemy is pricked by Ten Shiryo, a poison is secreted by the blade that affects the enemy's nervous system, causing them to be completely paralyzed. After several minutes, the effect of the poison accelerates, killing the enemy, afterwards their spirit energy is absorbed by Ten Shiryo and transferred to the wielder.
Anything Else: Shiryo is unclassified because it is so rare and so deadly.

The spirit of Shiryo.

What Ten Shiryo looks like.
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