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Quote originally posted by Thunder_Chad:
November 22nd at about 5 PM eastern time is a good time for me
That's on Thanksgiving; most people are busy that day, and I certainly will be. That doesn't give us much time to prepare anyway.

Quote originally posted by Zeffy:
I'm up for two commdays really but woohoo did raise an interesting point. What if there weren't enough people for either? Personally, I have no problems in attending since I have no obligations on both days but the possibility of not enough people showing up still stands (I think this is also the problem with past commnights, hopefully it wouldn't happen). Hopefully we can push this through!
True, but Nica and I figured that the previous Community Day was unsuccessful because of the lack of advertisement and notice. And if the NYE CommDay doesn't work out, it's no big deal. It really depends on you guys if you all are interested enough in participating.

Quote originally posted by shnen2:
don't see the downside to two commdays aside from more work for wolf and it being his idea suggests to me that he is up for that.
Indeed I am, but I might need extra help for hosting it. I can't guarantee that I won't be busy on either days.

Quote originally posted by Zeffy:
I thought of the same thing as well, actually even asking people "who would say no to two comm days?!" I think woohoo voted no because he thought, basing from the past comm days, that comm day = promotion day due to auths being given out after the last comm days. Not quite sure though so don't quote me on that one. I just want to push this through. :3
Well, some may get sick of CommDay if there's too many of them haha. Speaking of promotions, I could hold off on them until the NYE CommDay for the purpose of giving it an activity boost.