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Sorry for not posting anything, my connection hates me and died.

Sam Davi - his name at birth had been Samuel Davi, but he hated that name with a passion. If you call him Samuel, he will not be responsible for his actions - bundled through the streets Zaphias. It was finally the day, the day when he would get his first Pokemon. Being a 19 year old, many would think Sam would already have a Pokemon, but no. He had always wanted one, but because of his clumsiness and shyness and him staying inside mostly, that never happened, but his Mum, Julie, was a past friend with the Professor, so she managed to get him a spot. The only bad part about getting his Pokemon was that he had to moved from his home town down south, to Zaphias.

Dashing down to the Merchant's Stall, Sam was buying his last few ingredients. Since he had moved to Zaphias, Sam had became good friends with the Merchant, despite him being 40 years older.

"Morning Sam! What can I do for a fine young man like you today?" John, the Merchant asked joyfully.

"I'm here to buy my last few supplies before I go on my journey." he said. "Just the basics, Potions, Poke Balls, Paralyz Heals and Antidotes. I don't think I'll need the more advanced potions like Burn Heals and Full Restores for a while."

"Of course, I agree. You can have 5 Potions and Poke Balls, and 3 Paralyz Heals and Antidotes for a total of .... 3000 Poké!" the Merchant calculated.

Sam fumbled through his bag, counting the money as he did. "There you go, good seeing you!" and he bolted in the direction of the Lab.


He had arrived, this was it. Sam had waited for this moment all his life. He barged through the door, and shouted, "I'm Sam Davi, and I'm going to be the Pokemon Master!".

"Ah, Sam. Welcome to the world of Pokemon!" Professor Vayne exclaimed. She beckoned Sam to come closer. "Many of the others have already came, so there is not as much as a huge choice. But I assure you, they are all great Pokemon!"

"I know they'll be amazing!" Sam said. "I've wanted a Pokemon all my life, I don't care what I get!". He grasped a one of the Pokeball's laid out, and his face lit up.

"I think you should look at the selection first ..." Vayne said quietly.

"I don't mind ..." He flung his arms into the air. "I'll be the Pokemon Master!"

He then clumsily lost his grip of the Pokeball, sending a Trapinch flying out.

There was then a white flash in his head, and he then saw the destruction, the horror. It was flashing past him, images that he had not seen before in any previous dreams, and then he was back with Professor Vayne in the Lab.

"Are you all right? You seem a bit ... dazed." she asked in a worried tone.

"Err, yeah, sure ...