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Tyler Smith
WolfOfEve in REAL LIFE

Tyler's Bag

x25 Potion (Heals minor injuries.)
x15 Super Potion (Heals injuries.)
x05 Hyper Potion (Heals all injuries, even more serious ones.)
x25 Full Heal (Heals any status ailment.)
x10 Revive (Awakens and empowers a fainted Pokémon.)

x25 Pokéball (Standard ball for capturing Pokémon.)

x01 Bed (Capsulized Bed, soft and feathered for utmost comfort; enough room for two!)
x01 Gold Trophy ("Awarded to Hono the Cyndaquil and his Groomer, Tyler Smith. 2012.")
x02 Ball Cushion (Capsulized bean-bag cushion with a traditional Pokéball design.)
x01 Pokémon Desk (Capsulized Desk made to look like a Pokéball. Very roomy!)
x01 Gorgeous Plant (Capsulized for portability, though it's still a live plant. Is that a Bonsai??)
x01 Cyndaquil Doll (A PokéDoll Cyndaquil. Don't worry, it won't burst into flames.)
x01 Lucario Doll (A PokéDoll Lucario. Now why would I have this...?)
x01 Weavile Doll (A PokéDoll Weavile. This one too? I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here...)
x01 Alert Tool (A mat that emits a delightful and attention-getting sound when stepped on.)
x04 Game Systems (Video Games! There's a Super Nintendo, A Nintendo 64, a Nintendo 3DS, and a Nintendo Wii!)

Azure Flute (Summons Arceus-- No, wait, it's only a replica. The sounds it can play are just as beautiful, though.)
22A Key (The Key to PTA's Grooming Room. It has "22A" etched into the grip.)
PokéGear v7 Wide HD (The highest-tech PokéGear, with more functions than you can possibly need!)
Journal (The front cover is titled "Zerin Silver". There is some very interesting writing in this!)

"Yeah, she is very 'perky'... Not at the Moment, but I might come back later. I came by actually just to introduce myself and see if you wanted any poffins. Thats the class I teach, about Berries and Poffin making"

Tyler accepted the basket gratefully with a lighthearted "Thank you," and walked into the grooming room, an open invitation for the new acquaintance to come in as well. He placed the basket on the room's counter, near the door.

"wait, you can't stay in your classroom. I've got extra space at my place. It's gonna be awhile before my family can join me. You can stay in my spare room."

Tyler paused for a moment, though shook his head. "Thanks, but I really think I should stay here. I have quite a bit to unpack, plus I'd like to be readily available in case someone wants a Pokemon groomed. You're welcome to stay, I'm just going to be unpacking my things." He smiled as he began to dig into his shoulder bag. "Technology today, huh? Gotta love it." He smirked as he pulled out a small capsule. He tossed it over toward a back corner of the room, and in a poof of smoke, an entire queen-size bed appeared in that corner.

He pulled out some more capsules, tossing out a desk and some bean-bag cushions, one on each side of the desk. The last capsule he placed on the counter in the back of the room, and a well-trimmed Bonsai appeared from it. Near it, he placed a gold trophy. On an open section of this counter, he placed three stuffed plushies; a Cyndaquil, a Lucario, and a Weavile. He then placed a blue mat in the doorway, which let out a nice chime when it landed. Lastly, he set up a large flat screen television on one of the walls, placing three consoles below it; SNES, 64, and Wii. He pulled out his 3DS and simply stuffed it into one of his cargo pockets.

He pulled out his very favorite piece of technology, a PokeGear v7 Wide HD. He promptly strapped it onto his wrist, examining it with a content grin. "I may have to video call an old friend from Goldenrod soon, let him know I'm all set here." He pulled out his journal, which he simply plopped onto the bed. The final item he took from his bag was the Azure Flute - or, more likely, a replica of the Azure Flute - which he put on the Pokemon Desk. Tyler turned his attention back to the other teacher, presuming the man had actually stayed long enough to see all of that. "You wanna play a game or something? I've got plenty. Grooming Pokemon in a successful city like Goldenrod earned me a lot of PokeDollars, so I couldn't help but have some fun." he picked a Poffin from the basket and offered it to his shoulder-perched Cyndaquil.

Sir Aaron Reiki II
The Young Aura Guardian

| Lucario |

Aaron bowed - awkwardly, now that he was wearing this back brace - in acceptance and thankfulness for the assistance in finding his missing garb. Though his appearance now seemed to cause distress to the girl. The boy was already comforting her, but Aaron couldn't sit there without trying to help. "Hey, hey... I'm sorry, this is actually my fault. This also isn't the first time I've done this before, either. Sometimes I forget that my body isn't as durable as a Pokemon's. So... I'm sorry for causing all of this trouble."

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