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My co-workers are pretty supportive, at the moment though there's only five people staffed in the entire store, including management. Two of the five are completely new people that we're training, and I was training one of them when it happened so I'm sure she was a little side-swept by that ><

Anyway... I put in a two week notice for quitting yesterday. I'm leaving on December 1st as it's my next paycheck, fulfills the two week notice timeline, and that gives me a couple weeks to study. This was my first job and I thought I could do that along with full-time college, but that one blind-sided me. I've already dropped one class and I'm failing two (after starting the semester with four classes... lol).

I'm honestly pretty bummed to leave, I like working and being able to pay for my own things and that independence but school is a lot more important right now, and my manager agrees.