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Figured I'd return to post my travels on my Black 2, since I haven't been active since July

Anyways, I've made it to Opelucid City, and here's what the team looks like...

Samurott lvl 40
Ampharos lvl 40
Lucario lvl 40
Magmar lvl 40
Roserade lvl 40
Vibrava lvl 40
West, on a plane bound west
I see her stretching out below
Land, blessed mother land
The place where I was born

Scars, she’s got her scars
Sometimes it starts to worry me
Cause lose, I don’t want to lose
Sight of who we are

From the mountains high
To the wave-crashed coast
There’s a way to find
Better days I know

It’s been a long hard ride
Got a ways to go
This is still the place
That we all call home