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Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Some copy-paste errors come from Word, like words will merge randomly likethis. Henceforth, I will try to avoid using a Word-Processing Document, and start typing in the provided submission boxes.
Just quickly read through your chapter before you post it to catch any of the merged words. If you use the "Preview Post" screen, you can see what the post will look like in the thread. This might make it easier to catch the merged words. That's a better solution than not using a word processing program. If you don't use a word processing program, you're in more of a rush to write the chapter, and it makes it difficult to stop and think things over, or look up information if you had to. For instance, chapter four still has the dialogue errors in it that Phantom pointed out to you before you posted chapter four. Just a simple read-through of the chapter before posting can catch many mistakes like the dialogue or the merged words.

Also, how come you decided to change the font color for chapter three only? Readers shouldn't have to change their theme or copy/paste one chapter in order to read your story.

One last quick note, hit Enter twice when making a new paragraph so that there's a space between them. It's a little easier to read on the forums that way.
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