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Originally Posted by BroskiRage View Post
never mind about the victory road you can choose where he goes

ok thanks i like dragonite so i will replace the flygon

ok thanks i like dragonite so i will replace the flygon
I'll put him in Celadon City, that seems about right.

Originally Posted by Shiny Zard View Post
Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Citrix
Where to put: Victory Road
Pokemon on team: Charizard lv. 73, Dragonite lv 71 and Aerodaytl lv 72
Okay, Like all custom trainers, I might put some surprise moves.

Originally Posted by chen12 View Post
hi warrior cat,
I played through this first release to Pewter and I found not some much bugs but parts that bothered me a little:
1. The title screen was still Fire Red
2. There are three Pokeballs
3. Oak makes it seem like there are different pokemon, so you should rescript that part
4. The Girl Assistant seems to be too near the bottom. I would suggest that you animate her a little.
5. It would be nice if you added a little more twist to the plot (introduce a gym leader early perhaps or have a Team Rocket appearance.)
6. You should place the berry onto the starter like many of the real pokemon games do.
there are some other areas that I might have forgotten but that is about it. Great start!
1. I don't plan on changing it.
2. If you're talking about the start, it's supposed to be that way, there are three Ralts in the game, Yours, Gary's and a surprise trainer that will replace Lance as E4-4(oops, I revealed too much, JK), I'll just edit the trainer data, sprite and text to make it fit. But, I won't be able to make the last Pokeball disappear, so you'll have to ingore that when the time comes.
3. I'll fix that, hopefully you're just talking about text, so I can edit that, that's all I can really do about that.
4. Can you be more specific, I haven't edited any assistants in the game.
5. Hopefully in the future, if I learn to script, I can make the special trainer appear similar like Gary does, and you'll have two rivals.
6. I might attach something like that, I'll think about it.
7. Thank you for the feedback!
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