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Wow, some of these are really good! I think I'll give criticism based more on the concepts than the spriting, since I'm no good with detecting little errors in sprites.

(It seems the sprites are all in one big image together, so I'll just use verbose descriptions, since I sort of got confused with the names.)

In particular, I found myself admiring the mermaid-like Pokemon and it's prevolution (the Slowpoke-like thing). I remember wondering how Gamefreak could possibly manage to pull off a mermaid-like Pokemon, and then after a lot of imagining, I thought there was no way Gamefreak could do it without making it look more like a Digimon. Well, I am glad to say you've pulled off a the mermaid-Pokemon very well! The design is not overly complicated, so it would not stick out as a sore thumb amongst other Pokemon. I like how you used various details from other Pokemon, such as the Snorlax-style eyes, and the Meloetta-style hair, while at the same time making the design your own and original (although, I am reminded of Milotic when I see this design). Good job! I am concerned its prevolution, while a very well designed prevolution (everything a prevolution has to be: similar to its evolutions, but not a smaller-sized clone) looks far too reminiscent of Slowpoke. Both Pokemon carry the same color scheme, are both Water types, and have the same shape (although the Slowpoke-like Pokemon actually resembles a Bidoof more...). While we're at it, we have to consider: how would the mermaid-like Pokemon differ from Milotic? I believe one of the important aspects of being a Fakemon creator is not creating Pokemon reminiscent of others. I know Gamefreak themselves often clone Pokemon (Rattata clones...) but I feel it'd be a nicer design if I wasn't comparing it to Milotic so much. Perhaps it's the similar color palette, elongated shape, lanky hair/eyebrows, or a combination thereof. Although, you shouldn't worry about it too much; both the mermaid design and its prevolution are very successful designs. I'm just nitpicking.

Another issue I found was with the Ice/Dragon types, the ones that look like ships. (Viking ships...?) First of all, it was astute to have the evolution go from raft to ship; I imagine most people would've simply done boat > ship, so kudos to you for that more clever transition. However, I would like to point out that the Ice/Dragons look a little too much like actual ships/rafts with dragons carved onto them; Pokemon generally look like they're modeled after real-world objects, not the other way around. I would suggest not having the Raft Dragon seem so perfectly geometrical and rectangular; you could still keep these wood-like protrusions in the design, but maybe not make them so flat and perfectly aligned? Another suggestion of mine, for both the Ship and Raft Dragons, is to make the flags look more natural; less like props attached to the Pokemon, and more like parts of their anatomy. Perhaps you could incorporate the flags and flagpoles as more natural-looking tails? These are just suggestions though; it's up to you what you wish to do.

One of the families I was less enthusiastic about was the Bug/Grasses; I found that the first two designs were eerily reminiscent of the Kriketot/Kriketune family (in pose, posture, and anatomy), that the third design offered nothing particularly attention-grabbing (What are the main defining features of this Pokemon? Why should this Pokemon be memorable? I don't mean to offend you, but the third Bug/Grass Pokemon looks like a generic large mantis, clad in leaves, without any "wow" factor.) and that I was reminded of the Leavanny family a little too much, in terms of color scheme. I suggest thinking of what is special about this Bug/Grass family, what differentiates it from other Bug/Grass types, and then possibly redesigning or altering these designs. Just my personal opinion, though.

Lastly, the Grass/Flying pinflower/(dandelion?) seeds are genius. Excellent connection; making these sorts of connections between real-life elements (without it being silly, like a walking toaster, and where a connection is actually present, not like "let's take x and y and randomly fuse them together") is what I believe makes great Pokemon designs. In addition, the posing of the second member, the evolution, was smart and well thought-out; the pose accentuates the large seed, without having the seed obtrusively stick out or seem like random clutter, and at the same time displays flow and movement. I have no criticisms of these designs at this time; excellent work!

I could give more criticisms of the other Pokemon designs if you'd like me to, but these are just the designs that stood out to me the most.
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