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"Sorry. I've got no more of an idea than you. Honestly, I didn't even knock at the door because it might be rude to be early. Um. Or something."

"I'm Ericka!" she said, stepping forward to shake the boy's hand. "Or Eri. Or Kenway if you want to call me by my last time. I don't think I'd respond to 'hey you'," she said with a giggle. She was about to continue with her conversation, perhaps suggest to just go check to see if the door was unlocked before she distracted by other people around her age, just walking up and walking inside. She stopped and stared for a few moments, watching as, without much time inbetween, they walked in and out.

Ericka looked back to Timothy with raised eyebrows. She didn't really want to intrude like that, like this was some kind of video game and intruding into people's houses and rummaging through their things was considered normal and not impolite but it seems that was the go at the moment. Maybe Vayne didn't hear her knock before or maybe she was busy or maybe knocking on the door was like knocking on the door of a Pokémon Centre; everyone knew it was open, so nobody would really respond to a knock.

With a shrug, she started to walk towards the lab doors.

"Should we go... just go look inside?"
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