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To me, Paul was the best. His style of raising pokemon are much like mine. He raised Pokemon with potential and not ones that remain weak throughout their life.

I do the same with my Pokemon. If they don't become better, I will box them away or release them.

I also like Paul because he was a dynamic character. Over the DP series, he becomes more understanding and slightly caring, though he never shows it.

Paul was what kept DP interesting. Without Paul, DP would have been crap.

Gary would come in second place for me. He was cool and everything, but Gary was static. He only changed slightly during the series but when he did, he didn't really show it.

Barry was like Blahh. He was the worst rival ever.

Trip....I haven't seen enough to give him a proper judgement. He seems cool so far and he currently ties with Gary in second place.

From left to right, Rogetta, Rogon, Rogastar.
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