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Quote originally posted by Rodriguezjames55:
to be honestly Romney screwed himself up if i was him i would have took sandy as a gift from God and help those in need to woo over the middle class who view him as uncaring and potentionally take some blue states

i honestly hate the two party system #mexicoismoredemocratic
By the time Sandy hit, the chances of Romney winning were incredibly small and there was nothing he possibly could have done to pick up any blue states- "help those in need?" How? Obama could look presidential and in charge, but Romney held no position of power anywhere and any attempts to do anything would have been seen as propaganda, as it happened with the Ohio rally. And, as I said, his position in the state polls by the last week was so horrible only Obama pulling off a Bush-like disaster ala Katrina could have possibly helped him. Christie was the nail on the coffin but he was already dead by then.

Also, Mexico is more democratic? A country where one party ruled for 71 straight years, and was only defeated for two terms before returning to power recently? Even Utah has had more alternance of power.
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