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Quote originally posted by TrollShammy80:
i'm really sorry guys i haven't done an update for this, my PC doesn't play B2/W2 at all which really stinks...and my laptop lags the emulator I need to have it wiped. Would it be ok if I did this on Blaze Black or Volt White if not it's ok I will with draw from this Challenge
As you said earlier, the rules say the B/W are fine, just that B2/W2 are preferred, so you should be fine using Blaze Black or Volt White.


My current team is:

Gyarados, Steelix, Magmortar, Dusknoir, Snorlax, and Rotom. However, I want a flyer on my team, so I'm gonna change Dusknoir (Ghost, obv) to Golurk, the next Ghost-type on my list, if that's okay.

So my new team will be Gyarados, Steelix, Magmortar, Golurk, Snorlax, and Rotom. And I'm gonna be playing on Blaze Black 2 .
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