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Battle to the Death
...the tournament

A Pokemon war has come about and you've received the training to fight in it. Well, in fact, you're one of the highest in command. You have an army of 10 soldiers. With these 10 soldiers, you must keep them, and claim other soldiers and territory until you have at least 25% of the total soldiers in the war, which is when you will win the war. How can you win soldiers and play this tourney you ask? Read on...

  • You'll be given a team of ten randomised Pokemon after you sign up, via PM. These will be 1 OU, 2 UU, 3 RU and 4 NU Pokemon.
  • You can choose the movesets for your army.
  • You must not post about the Pokemon in your army, only the amount of Pokemon you have left (so not what Pokemon you have, for example, Scizor, but rather the amount, so 7 for example).
  • You must battle others who have enlisted to fight in the war and win as many matches as you can to claim their Pokemon.
  • If you get down to zero Pokemon you lose the war and you're out.
  • You can become an ally of another player in the tournament, which means you can effectively team up and face a certain person because they have the most, or are an easy target, they could be using you to get information and may be consulting with other players too. They could use that to their advantage to find out what you have and prepare beforehand, when facing you, and ultimately team up with someone else to take you out and so on. So be careful when deciding who to give information to. This also must be done outside of the thread and server, and instead with Private Messages.
  • You can battle people as much as you like, however be aware that if you get into a losing streak you only really have 10 chances to start off on.
  • Why yes, this is based on Diplomacy.
  • No rejecting challenges.

For example, say I'm battling General Wolf, and I have an army of Cinccino, Probopass, Heracross, Rotom-W, Crawdaunt and Scizor. If he wins against me, then after each battle he will claim one of my Pokemon, leaving me with 9. He can choose whatever he claims, and I can't argue about it. This means I'll have 9 Pokemon until I beat someone else, or beat Wolf again.


Just post "Enlisting" and you're in. Use that post to update your wins and losses, however do not mention the Pokemon you've gained or lost. Through my psychic vision, I have discovered that the war will start in a week from today, however you are free to enlist at any point of the tourney, however be aware you may be at a disadvantage.

Post your wins and losses like this:
Won vs Wolf | Army: 11
Won vs Lala | Army: 12
Lost vs PPN | Army: 11
To indicate where your army is at, which helps me work out how well everyone is doing in the war.

People at zero have died unfortunately and are crossed out.

1. Wolflare
2. Aryan143
3. synerjee
4. GolurkIsDaBomb
5. Zupplu
6. Rainbow Arcanine
7. Forever
8. RandomTrainerWhoCould
9. BLOOOD-La-ti-
10. Icy Burn
11. mpea
12. littlebrother
13. Pryze
14. shnen2
15. Fireworks
16. dragonomega
17. Manipulation
18. Daydreamsaway
19. Pixelrush
20. Griffinbane
21. MidnightShine
22. Jake♫
23. Cirno
24. dter ic
25. jellicentfan1
26. WeightyWillBill
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