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Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Hello and welcome to the Bleach fan club on Pokecommunity Forums!
I'm Zameric, owner of the club and Head-Captain.

For the shikai name of your zanpakuto, you might want to try Shiryō (死竜)
I don't speak/read/write Japanese and I pulled that from Google Translate.
But it does seems to work good at short phrase translations.
And for the bankai name, Ten shiryō (天死竜) might work better.

Also, the bankai abilities seem odd and vague.
Maybe the blade could secret a poison that effects an enemy's nervous system soon after they are cut.
And after several minutes, the poison's effect rapidly accelerates (for lack of a better term atm) and destroys their nervous system, causing death.
Thanks for the tip! I've just changed the abilities and the name.
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