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I now will need to post some rules before joining the team.
1:Long Periods of Time of Inactivity will result in ban.(1 week)
2:Getting randomly pissed off and leaving will get you banned.(Depends on Age)
3:Near younger members,don't show/talk pournographic/offensive materials.(I will let you know of those members.)

Guys,I really need help with the project since no one but me is showing a work effort/showing up.....
I would appreciate if some people joined and helped,and at least gave effort.

New starters have been made in this game and they are pretty cool.They are light versions of Palkia,Dialga,and Lugia!They are weak at first,and hard to train,but their true power will come out after a couple of levels!Here they are:
XL001 Starter.PNG

XL002 Starter.PNG

XL003 Starter.PNG