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Rapp - Floor 8

As the final slice of the bone dagger penetrated the Blind Beetle's firm body, the monster exploded into a thousand shards of shining blue light before vanishing into thin air and leaving behind a Hard Shell. "Another one bits the dust! That makes fifteen Hard Shells, I reckon I can turn these something useful. I heard if you grind them down and smelt the power together with some Veral ore you can make some pretty high quality material, but the problem is getting that ore..." He took a glowing crystal from his pocket and crushed it in his hand. "Teleport; Dovern City!"

"You know you don't have to shout that every time you teleport, right? It's embarrassing adventuring with you sometimes." Rapp looked over at his grinning companion Rayle as she continued to taunt him.

"Yeah, well, nyah!" Just as he stuck his tongue out to mock her, Rayle grabbed it with two fingers and pinched down, giggling.

"You're so predictable." She rolled her eyes before turning her back and slowly walking away. "Give me a shout when you next need your butt saving, a level 14 like you still has a way to go before he can look after himself properly Rapp!"

As he began muttering under his breath, Rapp made his way back to the bustling market place. So the ore is in a secret chamber of the 6th floor dungeon that only very few people know about, guarded by some very over-powered enemies... I'm going to need some help if I want to get my hands on that Veral ore, but who can I trust? Rayle has no need to help me here and I'm not up for spending another day getting mocked, but there's no one else I trust... I guess I'll have to enlist help from a new source then. He glanced around noticing a large notice board in the middle of town where many adventurers had previously posted requests for assistance or work. There was a small cost for posting these notices, but money wasn't important to Rapp as long as he could get his ore and thus he began dictating his notice to the NPC responsible for the board.

Skilled forger looking for high-level escort.
Brief: I need ore.
Location: Sixth Floor Dungeon; undisclosed area.
Requirements: Ability to not die when hit really hard; must not be irritating.
Reward: Money or rare equipment, take your pick.
Contact Rapp to apply.

"It helps if you're a bit more specific than that, but okay, I'll post the notice for you." Rapp smiled and made his way back to the floor's dungeon. If he was going to get this ore he'd need to be strong himself to survive and there's no end to what you can make with hacked up chunks of dead monsters, so it was time for a grinding spree. "Time to test out all this weaponry I've been making!"
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