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Originally Posted by slashthemovie View Post
yo great patch miksy!!
i just have a few questions...
does this patch work with your active battle system..?..cause i think the game wil be pretty much cooler that way..also if i patch this in a clean rom and later edit it like adding new event and replacing pokemon sprite does it cause any errors..?
anyways this is a great patch again from you miksy!!
just when i was planning to play gold in nuzlocke mode..this is really a great patch!!

ive discovered that nuzlocke patch worked well with miksy's active battle system!!!
i first patched the nuzlocke patch in a clean silver rom then played a bit then patch the active battle system and it works haha!!
now it way cooler and much more interesting than it normally has..
thanks for this great patches miksy!!!
anyway i hope you can figure out how to fix the egg hatching bug...cheerio!
Yeah, for others to know too, I released a patch called Active Battle System by uploading a video about it with my youtube account (months ago). It can be patched over this hack to make it a bit more interesting. Link to the video:

You could hack this hack just as any other clean pokemon g/s/c rom.

I don't think I'll be working on this anymore but if I do, I'll get rid off that egg hatching bug at least. For now, I'm only working on Dark Energy which is my main hacking project.
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