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As Bob was giving Derek the unsettled snake in the hallway full of rambunctious children walking and talking wildly, he then went down to lunch as other students raced down to grasp on their delicious food.

When he got his tray that has a red, clean apple along with a warm cheeseburger that had its scent make its way to his nostrils, he placed it at the Geeks table full of unsociable geeks. Beck and the others slowly waked towards their way as they menacing let out a stare towards Bob, Derek, and the rest.

"Hey Geek Squad. Seems that you might tell us something stupid huh?" Beck said, then he snickered as his friends gave him a high five.

"Beck, I'll get you something that will humiliate you." Bob giggled.

Bob grasped on to the cage as he slowly opens. The next glimpse he can see, the troubled snake quickly landed on Bob as he viciously bites and vomits on Bob's who body. Blood quickly spurts out of Bob as he passed out. The crowd at the lunch table got their attention on Bob on the ground with the snake on top of him. As Bob woke up, he heard people wildly laughed at him as their point towards him.

"Nerd attack!"

"What a loser!

"Look, I am sick of you trying to humiliate me. I'm an outcast because of you. Do you feel any pain towards me? How do you feel when someone does that to you? If you want to battle in your way, fine." Bob harshly lets out.

"Fine, 5 on 5. B.U.L.L.Y vs Geek Squad."

Minutes later, Beck and the others wait, and the rest are looking. The fight begins. One of Bob's friend charged towards them, Loomer then grabbed him, and then choked him as he kicked him. He then beat him with a bat, and he then threw him to the ground, as he is bleeding. He then spit at him.

Bob and the others are shocked. Then another one of Bob's friends came, Billy then punched him. the friend fell down. A nosebleed. As Billy grabbed his leg, he hit him to the ground back and forth, then he slammed him to the wall, then he placed an eel there to shock him. He threw him to the other battered friend, with spit.

One by one, they tried fighting, but one got hit on the head, got a dislocated neck, and got a lot of blood loss. The other has gotten wedgied, smacked, and being suffocated by a bag.

Derek than came. Bob is crying that he is fighting on his own. As Derek then threw a big rock towards Beck, Beck punched the rock. He quickly grabbed the pieces and threw them towards Derek. Derek dodged everyone, but felt a sharp pain between his legs. Blood came out, a lot. He then held his male organs. Then Beck kicked him, letting Derek pass out, in a pool of blood.

Bob became enraged, punching his palm. Everyone laughed. It made it worse, Bob then went to Billy, he cracked his back, and Bob then kicked his stomach, letting him lose and bleed.

Loomer then came. Bob kicked him at the shin, letting him fall down. Bob choked him, letting him almost die and pass out.

One by one, Bob injures then and almost dislocates their legs and arms. Beck is left. They both charged, punching and blocking. Bob won't stop charging, and then Beck quickly got Bob's neck. He squeezed it. And then choked him, he then thrashed him, and then let him bleed. Bob fell down, and he can't get up.

Beck was laughing. Bob then got more furious, he then got up, holding his arm, while he bleeds. He then got his supporters to help. Everyone helped defeat Beck. Beck is knocked out. Unconscious. Bob has few months of no bullying. After that, he rarely gets bulled, everyone went to the hospital.
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