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Clare looked around, and sighed, "You guys, I'm fine, in fairness I did fall out of the sky and land on him." She stood back up straight, "I'm glad to see you guys though, I should go to check on Kale soon." She held up her arms, "Okay kid, I'll see you latter, maybe when your pet is on a leash." She walked slowly toaward her board, careful not to agitate the humanoid. "Kazan, Ryan can you meet me at the school's hospital? I would like to ask you both something." She nodded toward Kazan, "Your sister may want to be there as well."

She couldn't wait for an answer, she was already late to see Kale. "I'm very sorry I can't chat more, but I really have to see Kale." She picked up her board and kicked off the ground. She flew straight to the hospital, He's going to be so mad to not see me there. Her landing was rough again, slowing down and doing a roll on the ground. She walked into the lobby, approaching the lady at the desk, "What room is Kale Summers in?"

SE typed on her computer, waited a minute and said kindly. "Second floor room 24. Please use the stairs as the elevators are reserved for those who are handicapped."

Clare nodded and ran up the stairs. She walked past people, trying not to rudely push them. "Twenty, twenty one, twenty three, twenty four!!" She walked in the room, Kale was laying on a hospital bed. "Kale! How did the operation go?"

He sounded faint, "Oh hey Clare, they just finished it."

"Does it hurt? Why is your voice so soft." Clare was worried he might be in pain.

"They gave me some painkillers, I'll be able to do mission by tomorrow though."

"So how is your arm?" Clare walked up to his bed, Kale raised his arm, Clare was startled at first to find that the arm was complete metalic, though it looked like an arm. "Can you use it?"

"Yea, they told me it is six times stronger than my other arm, and can withstand close to a car hitting it. They advised me against that though." He lifted the arm slowly, "They said the only reason I can even get this arm is because I'm strong enough to have it. The arm itself is so heavy, they gave me a sling for it." He let the arm drop onto the bed.

"What else can it do?" Clare looked at it in awe.

"It is as accurate in movements as my other arm, which is nice, though it is very easy to break things." He pointed to three broken controllers on on the nightstand nearby. "I'm glad you are here, they won't let me leave alone." A nurse walked in as he said that and smiled at Clare.

"Are you signing him out? If so please sign all of the neccisarry documents, then we will give you some instructions on how to take care of his arm." She handed Clare a clipboard, Clare spent half an hour filling it out. The nurse stood patiently, Clare couldn't help but think that she could be a robot. She handed back the papers, "Thank you miss Clare, I'll give you a wheelchair to get him downstairs."

"No need, I can walk." He turned out of his bed and tried to stand, he fell toward his mechanical arm, Clare caught him. "I'm a bit less balanced than I thought. Can you help me downstairs Clare?" Clare nodded and they walked toward the elevator. "Clare lets take the stairs, I'm not handicapped." Clare laughed and walked to the stairs.

"Always carrying you around, well at least you got a cool arm to flash around. I saw Ryan and the twins earlier, they are so kind, I bet you would be best friends with them." Kale just nodded, he was too drowsy to answer.

She put him in a lobby chair, and sat next to him, "I told them to meet us here." They sat there waiting.
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