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Originally Posted by Shucklulz View Post
I've really like Pokestar. It's great to see the earnings on the record board. They make me feel accomplished (and so do the medals you get for completing each series. :'D)

The only thing that bugs me is that certain moves effects (like accuracy drops) were not nerfed when you record. :/ Things like that make it much harder to complete them if you're not lucky, even when you're doing everything right. It took me like five times to get the first Invaders movie right because Roggenrolla used Sand Attack on me despite following the script and using the right lines.

But then again, that's all part of the challenge I guess.
Yeah, sometimes it's easy, but other times, it's all luck. There are movies I have given up on because my luck in PokeStar was that bad (reseting 10 or more times)
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