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Chapter 15

Misty rose the next morning and found with a great deal of relief that Ash was asleep in his sleeping bag on the other side of camp rather than where he had ended up last night. If Iris or Cilan had woken up to find them like that, Misty would have died of embarrassment.

Cilan was cooking a delicious smelling breakfast and Iris was sitting in a tree with her legs dangling down as she stared off into space with Axew poking its head out of her hair. Meowth was under the tree, laying on his back fast asleep with his mouth wide open. Pikachu, along with Ash, were still both sleeping peacefully. Ducklett and Togetic both started rising as their trainer slipped out of her sleeping bag.

"Good morning Misty." Iris greeted cheerfully as the redhead stretched and positioned her hat on her head.

Misty glanced up at her with a sleepy smile. "Good morning Iris." Her sentence ended with an abrupt yawn.

"Did'ya sleep well?" Iris inquired with an overenthusiastic smile- almost as if she were trying to hold back a laugh.

"I… I guess…" Misty gave her an odd look. "Why?"

Iris giggled. "Oh, no reason." She brushed away the question with a wave of her hand.

Misty dismissed the strange enthusiasm of her friend as a friendly greeting to get off on the right foot.

"Good morning Misty," Cilan addressed, "breakfast is just about ready. Could you guys wake up Ash and Meowth?"

"I'm on it!" Iris responded as she leaped up eagerly. She took a hold of a vine, looking down at Ash with a devious look in her eyes.

Misty could tell by her look what she was planning to do. "Wait, Iris!" Misty called, her cry falling upon deaf ears.

"Look out below!" Iris squealed playfully as she swung on her vine over a sleeping Ash and Pikachu.

Misty rushed toward the dozing duo, trying to grab Pikachu in time but fell short as Iris leaped from her vine with a 'woop', landing on Ash's stomach and Pikachu's tail with a crash.

"Oof!" Ash grunted in shock as his body lurched with an upward jerk, his eyes flying open in alarm.

"PIKA!" Pikachu cried in flabbergasted pain and let off a huge Thunderbolt, shocking everyone within a mile radius.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! PIKACHU! CUT IT OUT!" Ash screamed, his yell joining in a chorus with Iris, Axew, Misty, Cilan, and a newly awakened Meowth. Ducklett and Togetic took refuge in a tree out of range of the attack.

Once Pikachu's shock simmered out, all of the victims fell over with sparks flying from their bodies and blackened to a crisp, groaning.

"Pika…" Pikachu sweat dropped as he stared at the electrocuted group.

Meowth was the first to recover and leap up angrily, most likely due to the fact that he and his team got shocked by Pikachu on a daily basis. "A simple nudge would'a been nice!" Meowth screamed in fury, flailing his paws around. "I t'ought 'dat traveling wit' you twiy'ps would mean no more t'underbolts!" He coughed up some smoke.

"AHHHHH!" Cilan wailed in despair.

"What's wrong Cilan?!" Iris gasped, her large hair spiking up like a massive Luxray's mane.

"My masterpiece is ruined!" He weeped with waterfall tears pouring down his cheeks as he mourned over the blackened breakfast.

"WHAAAT?! Breakfast is ruined?!" Ash cried in dismay, his stomach's growl voicing its displease as well. He glowered up at Iris, who had stood up and started brushing the soot off of her clothes. "This is all YOUR fault! Who in the world wakes someone up by jumping on them?!"

"Pikachu…" Pikachu murmured with drooping ears, guilty that he caused all of this ruckus.

"Well at least I didn't ROLL on you!" She retorted with crossed arms, snatching a quick glance at Misty.

Misty's heart skipped a beat and a huge blush crept across her face.

Ash's mouth gaped open like Gyarados, a similar embarrassed expression overtaking him. He was about to respond but Misty beat him to it.

"You saw that?!" Misty gasped, staring at the giggling dragon trainer.

Misty's outburst made Ash spin to face her with a face so red that it looked like it would explode. "You were awake?!" He asked with a shaking finger pointed in her direction.

Misty's heart sank as she realized her mistake. "Oops…" She wimpered softly.

Silence overtook the camp, with Cilan and Meowth staring on in confusion, Iris smiling widely like an idiot, and Ash and Misty refusing to meet each others' eyes.

Meowth broke the silence with a huff. "Why does evert'ing happen when I'm taking a cat nap? 'Dis is better 'den TV!" He laughed wildly, interrupting his own cackle with a yelp as Ash and Misty glared daggers at him.

"Oh come on you two," Iris sjirachied, giving the two fuming teens a sly smile. "Why don't you kiss and make up already?"

"WHAAAAAT?!" They both screamed at her.

That was the last straw for Misty. She ripped her mallet out of thin air and slammed it down on Iris's head, Axew escaping out of her hair just in time to avoid impact. "YOU'RE REALLY DOING A BAD JOB OF GETTING ON MY GOOD SIDE!" Misty snarled before putting her instrument of doom away and grabbing Ash's wrist, yanking him harshly away.

"Wh-where are we going Mist?" Ash asked nervously as he was drug along.

Iris sat up with swirly eyes, clutching her head like a Psyduck. "You can go do it in private too, whatever floats your boat." She said loopily.

Misty shot Iris a glare, took off her boot and threw it at her head, making her fall to the ground again.

Cilan scratched the back of his head nervously before making his way over to the fainted Iris. "Are you okay?"

Iris moaned dizzily, a comical bump on her head. "Note to self, don't ever tease Misty." She mumbled.


Misty stomped through the forest, still dragging Ash along as he clumsily followed. "Misty! Slow down will ya?!"

Misty stopped, releasing her death grip on his wrist. "Alright, it's time to plot some revenge!" She spat, eyes a cerulean fire.

"Revenge?" Ash asked, rubbing his sore wrist. "On who?"

"Iris! Who else? I'm tired of her saying we like each other in that way! She's worse about it than anyone else." Misty vented as she paced an angry line through the tall grass. "Us liking each other in that way, ridiculous right?!"

Ash looked away slightly, looking crestfallen. "Y-yeah, ridiculous. Of couse." He mumbled.

Misty missed his tone due to her seething. "Come on, help me plot some revenge that will get her to shut up about it!"

"Uhhh… You're usually the one to come up with that kinda stuff." Ash scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "Besides, I can't think on an empty stomach."

"No, more like all you think about is food while on an empty stomach." Misty retorted.

Ash chuckled. "Yeah, guess so."

"Hmm…" Misty tapped her chin in thought and started pacing around more gracefully, her anger vanishing. She suddenly brightened. "Ahah!" She cheered and raised a finger, turning back to Ash. "I've got it! Let's do something that will imply Iris and Cilan like each other. If she doesn't want us to keep doing that then I'll promise that we'll stop if she quits bothering US about liking each other." She rambled her plan.

"I'm… confused." Ash cocked his head to one side adorably. "Iris and Cilan like each other?"

Remembering that she promised to keep Cilan's secret hidden, she bit her lip. 'I'll just have to be sneaky about it without actually saying that Cilan likes Iris. Keeping secrets suck. But look who's talking.' "Not that I know of," she lied, "but that didn't stop Iris from doing it to us."

Ash frowned but stayed silent.

"What?" Misty blinked.

"Nothing." Ash said with a shrug. "So how do we do this?"

"Well, here's what I was thinking…" The two began plotting.


Ash and Misty strolled back into camp to see Cilan making a new breakfast to replace the charred one. Iris was nowhere to be seen and Meowth was again taking a nap in the shade. 'Geez, without having to try and steal Pokemon with Team Rocket, that cat can sure get lazy.' But as the duo walked past him, he opened one eye to give them a cunning stare.

"Have fun all alone in 'da forest, you two love biy'ds?" He asked with a grin.

"No, no! It's not like that at all!" Ash protested with a slight blush, waving his hands around frantically. "We were plot-"

Quick as lightning, Misty slapped her hand over his mouth with a hard stare at him. "Don't tell him what we were really doing, idiot!" She hissed in his ear.

"Oh yeah, sorry." Ash responded in a muffle through Misty's hand.

She pulled her hand back and looked around for Iris so that they could carry out their plan.

"You's two still look like love biy'ds to me." Meowth nodded with crossed arms. "You're hiding something alright."

While searching the clearing, Misty caught sight of her boot that she had hurled at Iris. "I almost didn't notice that I was missing my right shoe." Misty giggled and picked it up, dusting off the dirt and grass stuck to it.

Ash was still trying to convince Meowth that they weren't doing what he thought they were doing.

Misty sighed. "You don't have to answer to Meowth, Ash. Leave this to me." She held her boot up like a Pokeball and looked as if she were about to throw it at Meowth.

He took notice to this and his pupils shrunk in fear. "Alright! Alright! I'll shut my meowth! Just don't t'row 'da boot!" He yowled in a panic.

Misty just smirked and put her boot back on her foot.

"Misty sure is quite expressive." Cilan observed with a nervous laugh.

Iris leaped down from a random tree next to Cilan. "Tell me about it." She huffed. "One moment she's really sweet and the next she's ready to rip someone's head off."

"The most sensitive people can have the shortest tempers." Cilan explained, tweaking his bowtie.

"Huh?" Iris blinked. "She doesn't really seem that sensitive."

"I think that perhaps you should talk to her and get to know her more. Hopefully then you will become closer as friends rather than clashing and becoming enemies." Cilan suggested.

"Hmm. I think you're right Cilan. I don't want to be constantly fighting with Misty. There's finally another girl in the group that doesn't seem overly girly. We could probably be great friends. Thanks Cilan." Iris ran off in the direction of Ash and Misty.

"No problem." Cilan smiled before resuming his cooking.


Misty noticed Iris coming toward them and shot a quick glance at Ash. "Here she comes. Get ready." She hissed silently and started acting casual.

Ash started acting casual too but his actually looked like acting- as if they were up to something. Face-palming, Misty groaned softly. 'Don't screw this up, Ash.' She prayed silently.

Ash and Misty started walking up toward Iris in way that implied they hadn't noticed her and were in the middle of a conversation. "So, who's that purple haired girl in the fancy clothes again?" Misty asked Ash.

"Oh, you mean Burgandy?" Ash asked in a conspicuous voice, making Misty grit her teeth in annoyance. 'Get a grip already Ash! We don't want her finding out this prank early.'

"I guess that's who it is. She sure seemed eager to find Cilan." Misty responded.

Iris stopped in her tracks when hearing this and listened in silence.

'The plan's working.' Misty cheered in silent satisfaction.

"What did she mean when she said she liked him? I thought she wanted revenge on him." Ash asked his next line.

Misty shrugged. "I don't know but I do know when you say you like someone like that you usually have a crush on them."

Iris gasped softly and turned away to hide her expression.

Cilan caught wind of their conversation and blinked in confusion. "Burgandy? She's become obsessed with the desire to defeat me and become an S class Connoisseur. I wouldn't think her the type to fancy me in that way."

Iris huffed. "Maybe she's trying to have you let your guard down."

Ash glanced at Misty before pursing his lips together. "Didn't she say she wanted to kiss him?"

Misty spun to face Ash with an astonished look on her features. 'That wasn't one of the lines!' She looked to see Cilan with a flabbergasted blush and Iris with a look she knew all too well- jealousy and hurt. At seeing this look, Misty started feeling bad about the whole plan. After thinking it through with a rational mind rather than a mind seeking vengence, Misty realized how cruel it really was, and Ash had taken it way too far. 'This needs to end now.' "Yeah, it sounds pretty startling, but then again, that's because it's not true."

She was faced with three confused faces- one being Ash's since she was ending their plan early. "We were kidding. There was no Burgandy. We just wanted to get a little revenge for you always bugging us for liking each other." Misty shrugged.

Cilan blinked, his shock slowly fading as he sighed in what seemed like relief.

Iris's face scrunched up in anger and she put her hands on her hips. "So that was just a prank?! Where were you planning on going with that?" She snarled.

"Well," Ash stated in a matter-of-factly tone, "we WERE gonna imply you liked Cilan but MISTY obviously must have forgotten that part." He shot a glare Misty's way.

"Well, I'm sorry Ash. I must have missed the memo about saying she wanted to KISS him!" She spat sarcastically.

"That needed to be added since Iris pulled a prank on me saying that you kissed Tripp." Ash snapped.

"And you actually believed that I would kiss Tripp?!" Misty huffed in exasperation.

"Well- I…"

"UGH! You guys drive me nuts! And I was just about to ask if we could talk and at least TRY to be friends!" Turning on her heel, Iris stomped up to a tree in a blind rage, grabbed an apple and climbed it before swiftly leaping from tree to tree.

Hearing her words, Misty felt even guiltier to have done the prank. She stared after her sadly.

Ash, however, had a quite different reaction. "Whoo! We did it!" He cheered, leaping up and down.

Misty turned to him with scornful eyes. "I wouldn't be too happy about that if I were you."

"Huh?!" He pointed an accusing finger at her. "This was YOUR idea! Don't try to blame ME for it!"

"I know! I know! Okay?!" She held her head in her hands as if it were in absolute pain. "And I feel terrible about it!"

"Why?" Ash blinked. "She did it to us."

She shook her head. "But that doesn't make it right for us to do it to her. Our prank was cruel… I need to apologize to her before we become enemies."

Ash took a step forward, looking at the redhead worriedly. "Are you alright Mist? You don't sound like yourself. I've never known you to feel bad about being mean to someone."

His words were met with a glower full of rage and offence. "What do you think I am?! A monster who doesn't care when I hurt people? An unfeeling person who ENJOYS inflicting pain?"

Ash didn't answer, in fact, he looked afraid to. In fear of saying the wrong thing and making matters worse he shut up completely. But in this case, his silence was worse than any reply.

Dejection being added to her rage, she turned away to hide the tears that threatened to form at her extreme flurry of emotions. "So that's what you really think of me, huh?" She murmured with as casual of a voice as she could manage. Her pride would never let him know what he had implied hurt her so much. "I may hurt people physically when I'm mad but I would never want to hurt someone emotionally. That's worse than any physical pain because it may never heal. Take it from someone who knows." She said the last line so softly that she wasn't sure if Ash heard it or not. "I need to go talk to Iris. I'm sorry for dragging you into this, Ash…" She added softly before walking toward the direction Iris had disappeared to.

"Where's popcorn when ya' need it?" Meowth asked, obviously having watched the whole scene play out. "You's guys could have your own TV show wit' 'da drama you make."

Ash put his hands behind his head as he stared after Misty, ignoring Meowth. "Geez, what's gotten into her lately? It's like with that disguise she's a whole new person." He sighed before walking away. "Cilan," he whined, "when's breakfast gonna be ready?! I'm starving!"


"Iris! Iris, where are you?" Misty called with her hands cupped around her mouth as she strolled down the forest path. "Iris!"

"What do you want?!" Iris yelled in contempt, poking her head out of a tree with a half eaten apple in her hands and Axew in her hair.

"I wanted to talk to you Iris." She called up to the angry trainer, noting that Axew looked mad too. 'Can't blame them…'

"Look, Iris, I am SO sorry to have done that to you!" Misty started climbing up the tree and made her way up to the branch that Iris sat upon. "I was angry and when that happens, I can't think rationally. It was cruel to make you feel that way."

"Feel what way?" Iris huffed with her back turned to the redhead.

"Jealousy, pain… The very hurtful thought that your crush might end up with someone else because you took too long to them how you feel…" Misty explained in a sad, knowledgable voice.

Iris turned to look at her with wide eyes. "Are you implying that I have a crush on Cilan?" Her voice had a tone of disbelief to it but also another tone Misty was familiar with as well.

"Do you?" Misty asked and stared at her seriously.

Iris's face grew a tinge of pink to it. "W-well, I like that he's so gentlemanly and think some of the things he does are adorable. But I don't know about having a crush on him…" She twiddled her fingers. "Maybe a teensie little one…"

Misty smiled at her. "If you have a crush on him then why don't you ask him out?" 'Look who's talking.' The voice in the back of her mind taunted her.

Iris's eyes grew huge and her blush even darker. "Ask him out?! No way! He's so gentleman-like and neat while I'm a wild child! We're total opposites! He'd never go out with anyone like me…"

Misty smirked as she remembered Cilan's words. "Nah, I think he'd love to go out with someone like you. Besides, opposites attract, they say." She giggled.

"Alright…" Iris said hesitantly. "I'll think about it…"

Misty gazed at her seriously again. "Just remember this, Iris… The longer you wait, the harder it'll be. If you ask when it's just a small crush then it feels like less is at stake if they reject you. But if you wait too long and get too attached then you may become too afraid to ask because their rejection would hurt so much…"

"You sound like you speak from experience, Misty." Iris observed.

'You have no idea…' Misty thought. "Eh, it just sounds rational." She said in an unconvincing tone. "But I'm really sorry about what we did, Iris. I don't want to be enemies by any means. Can you forgive me?" Her cerulean eyes twinkled pleadingly.

"Of course Misty." Iris gave her a kind smile. "I hope that we can be real good friends too."

"I hope that also, Iris. But can I propose one thing?" Misty asked.

"Sure," Iris shrugged, "but I'm not Ash so you don't need to propose to me-" She slapped her hands over her own mouth with a wide eyed blush as if she really didn't mean to say that.

Misty's eyebrow twitched. "Yeah, that's what I was going to propose…"

Iris removed her hands from her mouth and looked at Misty like she had two heads.

"NOT TO ASH!" She assured her swiftly. "I was going to ask that you don't tease me about supposedly liking Ash and I won't tease you about your crush on Cilan. That way we don't get mad at each other and have more chance of getting along."

"I agree…" Iris nodded. "Let's put all of this behind us and no more teasing."

"Great, thank you Iris." Misty smiled.

"But answer me one question."


"Do you have a crush on Ash?"

"Iris! I thought-" Misty growled but was interrupted.

"I'm not trying to tease you this time. I'm seriously wondering. I admitted that I liked Cilan so I'm curious if you like Ash."

Misty bit her lip, hesitating for a long moment before speaking. "Would you tell him how I felt about him if I did?"

"Nope. Not after promising I wouldn't tease you guys. I think that you should do it yourself. But I would suggest you tell him if you did." Iris stared at her expectantly.

Misty hesitated for another moment before clutching her eyes shut and turning pink. "Okay, fine! Maybe I have a little crush on him!" 'Man is that an understatement… I don't just have a crush on him, I love him! But there's no way I'd ever tell anyone that.' "Can we change the subject already?"

Iris giggled. "Sure. Us girls don't revolve around the guys anyways. Let's learn a little bit about each other. So tell me about yourself Misty."


As the bonding conversation between Misty and Iris went on, a familiar voice echoed through the treeline.

"Hey, you guys!" The voice called. "Breakfast is ready and Cilan won't serve it 'till everyone's here so hurry up will 'ya?!"

Misty smirked playfully, instantly recognizing the voice as Ash's. "Don't tell us what to do!" She yelled back to him. "The more you rush us, the slower we'll come!"

They heard his groan and both giggled. "Come ooooon!" Ash whined back. "I'mma starve to death."

Misty raised a brow. "'I'mma'?! How lazy can you be?!"

"We'd better go before Cilan gets upset." Iris sighed, starting to get down from the tree they were perched in.

"And before ' ' faints from not having food all morning." Misty giggled and got down as well.

Together the two walked down the forest path to meet the impatient Pokemon trainer.

"Well, well. This is a more pleasant sight. I presume you two have made up?" Cilan asked as he watched Misty and Iris stroll into camp, chattering and laughing heartily.

"Yep, pretty much." Iris responded with a grin.

"Well here's breakfast." Cilan started handing out the plates of Oran Berry Pancakes as Iris helped by setting out the bowls of specialized Pokemon food and sending out her Pokemon.

After sending out all of their Pokemon, everyone else settled together to eat, sitting in the short grass.

"So guys," Misty started to ask, "could we try looking for Azurill today? It's been so long since I've seen it. I'm really worried…"

"Of course Misty." Ash responded.

"Perhaps we could start asking people if they've seen it too." Cilan suggested.

"Yeah, that could work." Misty agreed.

"And maybe we could get our flying Pokemon to look for it too." Ash put in.

"Huh?" Meowth asked.

"Oh right, you never knew what happened." Misty realized. She explained her Azurill situation to him.

"Ah, so 'dat's why you joined up wit' us." Meowth stated.

"Yep. But that didn't really work out like I planned." She sweat dropped. "I just hope we can find it…"

"I know we will." Ash assured her, taking a bite of his pancake. "But after breakfast."

Misty giggled. "Of course. I wouldn't want to waste a single bite of these delicious pancakes."

After a while of eating and chatting, the bushes rustled somewhere behind them. Tripp appeared and regarded the group by pointing them out. "I've finally found you!"

Ash turned to blink at the trainer. "You've been looking for me?" He suddenly stood up with his fists clutched in determination. "I bet you want a battle huh?!"

"Ash," Iris huffed in annoyance, "you made us rush so that you could eat. You'd better finish it."

Misty grabbed Ash's pantleg and dragged him down with an abrupt pull. "Yeah! Eat your breakfast mister!"

Ash pouted. "Fine, MOM."

Tripp walked up to the group. "For your information, it wasn't YOU I was looking for." He snorted.

"Then who?" Ash blinked.

Tripp pointed a finger at Misty. "Her."

Ash's eyebrows shot up in shock and then knit together in suspicion. "Iris was joking huh?" He grumbled.

After realizing what he was implying, Misty wacked him over the head. "Yes, she was. Stop doubting me Ketchum!" She spat before turning to Tripp. "Why were you looking for me? Let me guess, you want a battle?" She deadpanned.


"Hey! Why don't you wanna battle me?!" Ash whined.

"Ash! Stop being such a whiny kid!" Iris yelled and then quickly glanced at Misty upon realizing her mistake.

Misty sighed. "I'll let that one go because for once I agree with you Iris. You ARE being a whiny kid Ash. But then again, I'm getting tired of battling. That's all I did at the gym was battle and work." She leaned back on her hands.

"Come on," Tripp urged, "how about one more battle? This one doesn't have to be a full one."

"No," Misty growled stubbornly while glaring at the persistant trainer, "today I'm focusing on just finding Azurill, no more distractions. We'll battle some other time. Maybe later we'll both be way better and it'll be more fun."

"Fine," sighed Tripp irritably, "but I won't rest until I defeat you."

Misty raised a brow. "I don't have any badges with me so it wouldn't be a gym battle."

"I know, but I can't stand the thought of not being able to beat someone." Tripp explained before walking away. "See you all later."

"Bye Tripp." Misty called after him before sighing and going back to her breakfast.

"He seems really eager to battle you," Ash growled grumpily, taking angry bites out of his pancakes.

"Doesn't every challenger?" Misty sighed in exasperation. "Apparently I have a rival now."

"But he was MY rival!" Ash whined.

"You can have him." Misty huffed. "Although I must admit that he gave my Pokemon some good training."

"But what if he sees you as more than a rival? Are you SURE Iris was joking?" Ash asked in almost a paranoid manner.

Wordlessly, Misty glared at Ash and slammed her fist into the top of his head, smashing his face into his breakfast. "Idiot!" She screamed at him before finishing her own breakfast. "Now hurry up and eat so we can find Azurill."

Ash slowly lifted his face from his plate. Pieces of syrupy pancakes fell from his forehead and cheeks. The sticky liquid substance dribbled down his bangs and caked his entire face. But this didn't stop him from eating as he started to wipe syrup from his face with his hands and lick his fingers.

"You're disgusting Ash." Misty rolled her sea green eyes at him.

"Hey, there's no way I'm going to waste food!" Ash protested.

Misty face palmed. "I hate to think what would happen if the food fell on the floor…"

"Psy yi yi…" Psyduck came waddling up to the group.

The redhead sighed heavily before turning to her headache inducer of a Pokemon. "Please Psyduck, I have a big enough headache without you making it worse."

"Psy…" It stared up at her with a strange look.

This struck Misty's interest. Usually Psyduck had the same dopey, expressionless face but now it looked strange and almost worried. "What's wrong Psyduck?"

"Psy…" It suddenly exploded with light.

Everyone gasped.

"No way!" Ash exclaimed.

"Is Psyduck… evolving?!" Misty's voice was surprised with a tang of hopefulness to it.

It took the shape of its superior and more powerful form. "Soon, I'll have a wonderful Golduck! Psyduck will evolve into a powerful yet beautiful Golduck!" She enthused with clasped hands and sparkly eyes.

The glow suddenly took the form of Psyduck again.

"Huh?" Iris blinked. "Is that normal?"

"Not that I know of…" Cilan responded with just as much confusion.

The glow faded and Psyduck was still… Psyduck.

"Psy yi?" It cocked its head in confusion.

"What… happened?" Misty blinked numbly in shock. "Why didn't Psyduck evolve?"

"Perhaps Psyduck didn't want to evolve and so it fought it and stayed in its current form." Cilan guessed.

"So Psyduck didn't evolve… because it didn't want to?!" Her voice strained to stay calm but broke at the end. Her fury was directed to the confused yellow duck. "HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO EVOLVE?! YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIUL AND POWERFUL GOLDUCK WITHOUT A HEADACHE! YOU STUPID IDIOTIC DUCK!" She snarled in a fiery rage and chased her poor Pokemon down with a mallet.

The group sweat dropped as they watched.

Cilan scratched his head. "It's not even noon yet and so much has happened already. Today's going to be an interesting day."
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