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I'm a bit skeptical about this movie, since well..I kinda wasn't the fan of the previous movies, and DBZ really has quite a lot movies. Worst thing is that it's set in my least favorite time frame, where ALL non-Saiyajin characters were degraded to nothing. Even Krilin (since Yamucha and Tenshinhan became nothing at the very start of DBZ, even though they're more interesting than some Saiyajin characters).

I'd prefer a movie set between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z over this, but I guess that movie wouldn't do very well in the west, and it would be flashy enough to look cool.

Also, DON'T JYNX IT. What if Toei turns Dragon Ball into a new Precure-like series (in other words, every year a new season with different cast), since it's looks like Saint Seiya is going that way. They announced a new Saint Seiya TV series, which probably won't be an Omega sequel.

P.S. I love Precure, just don't want Dragon Ball to become Precure for young boys XD

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