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Anyone interested in participating in a medieval-style Pokemon roleplay? I'm quite proud of the world I've designed, and I think the story seems decent so far. It's going to be sandbox-style with an ultimate objective still in mind. As part of a task force investigating an assassination, you'll be led all across the region I've created, searching for answers and uncovering an ancient evil! I'm drawing on some minor inspiration found in media such as The Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Sword Art Online, et cetera. For example, your character will have a "class", but will not necessarily be restricted to only using a certain weapon or having particular skills. Giratina more-or-less takes on an Alduin-like role, reviving big bad enemies for the characters to deal with. I'm also thinking of incorporating the concept of a "capture quota" - basically, in every area, each available Pokemon will be split into Rare, Uncommon and Common tiers. Rares will cost two points, Uncommons one point, and Commons will be unlimited. In every chapter, a character will be granted a certain amount of points to spend as they see fit. This will basically eliminate the whole "I want to encounter [x Pokemon], but it's too overpowered!", leaving it completely up to the roleplayer.

I'm rambling. Anyone got some input? I'm trying to decide whether to include the "class" thing at all, but I still want to keep an MMO sandbox-type feel to it, while maintaining the more mature themes of battle and such.
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