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Originally Posted by killblaze777 View Post
Okay, gotcha, but what events are absolutely required? The only events i haven't done are the butterfree event and possibly the bad to the bone event(i'm not sure if thats the giant onix one or not. I haven't seen that episode , but I'm about to go watch it to find out.) I don't know how to activate the bad to the bone event. Also, I had to glitch past the pokemon league gate guard by using an escape rope inside of victory road. I thought he was just glitched to ALWAYS say the league isn't ready. Anyone know how to activate the bad to the bone event? Because, I bet that's what it is that I'm missing.

EDIT: I've done Pokemopolis and Bad to the Bone events, and the guard has let me in the normal way. But, now the indigo stadium guard STILL won't let me into Indigo Stadium. Have I glitched myself up by glitching past the league gate guard with an escape rope and doing the pokemon league torunament events before the Bad to the Bone event? If so, is my only option to start a new save file?
I don't know what you missed but you can get help from the list of episodes Meta posted on first page. From there you can check or mark which event you missed by any chance
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