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I haven't done anything writing in a long time, so I'm completely rusty. I'm trying to think of a plot I'm thinking of implanting this in a Pokemon game, but I might convert it to a original IP.

"It's over, they've won. In a region in which the government isn't a hierarchy, in which opinions are respected. Now, all that is gone. The government has been overthrown and destroyed.
The streets are patrolled by goons at every turn, the folks are afraid to leave their homes. Neighborhoods have been torn down, and residents have evacuated out of the city. I never thought this would happen, yet it has.
Call me cryptic, but this is the start of a war. It has been planned for months, and they did it. The ones that were laughed at for years, they become the emperors of the city. In hopes that their disease doesn't spread through out the once respected nation, I plan to join the revolution."
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