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Quote originally posted by pokemoner2500:
I only have a few cards that look rare and i wanna know how much their worth

B/W Pikachu with thunderbolt on card

Pokemon rumble pokemon near mint and good: Venusaur, Bastiodon, Mew, Skuntank, Cherrim, and diglett for pokemon rumble cards

And finally a 2005 World Championship Nidorina in good condition.

Okay thats all thank you.
Secret Rare B/W Pikachu: $9 to $13

Rumble cards:
Venusaur: $1.50 to $2.50
Bastiodon: $1 to $2
Mew: $4 to $7
Skuntank: $1 to $2
Cherrim: $1 to $2
Diglett: $1 to $1.50

As for that World Championship Nidorina, you'd be lucky to get $0.25 for it, as individual World Championship cards are hardly valued at all, since the sealed decks from 2005 on the whole fetch around $10 each.
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