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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
People like to flag up the 'Marijuana is less dangerous than Alcohol and Smoking' argument, but actually there are a lot of flaws in that.

For example, tobacco on it's own is relatively harmless - the side effects of smoking are mostly caused by tar and nicotine. Alcohol is relatively harmless even at a pint a day level. Alcohol is only a danger when people exceed limits, or drive whilst under the influence.

Weed does however cause paranoia issues, which can easily spiral due to it being a dependence drug to make people feel better.

I reckon that Medical Marijuana, in the form of pills, at a low dosage, should be legal. However there should be plenty of restrictions on it to stop recreational use and false prescriptions.
Weed causes paranoia among some users of it because it's illegal, and your conscience knows it. The only paranoia that stems from simply using weed is the paranoia of being caught by the cops. Unless you're paranoid in general, you typically don't experience any paranoia past that.
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