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Quote originally posted by PhantomX0990:
Welcome Mononoke Hime! So, what's your story?
Well, let's see...

I always felt attraction to women, but the fact I feel attracted to men also maked me forget it until I first kissed a girl. At that point I couldn't pretend this issue didn't exist. I gotta say I was drunk, but that actually helped me to forget society rules and just do it.

A few months later I caught myself in love with my best friend. I never really told it to her and she just have gone away to other state of the country.

Since then I'm no longer hidding my own sexuality from myself. It also maked me become to question about what really is passionate love in it's pure form. And I realised that for me it just doesn't matter if is a man or a woman, I just naturally broke that barrier. For me to love someone, it doesn't matter the gender, but who is inside the body.
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