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I think it should be legalised indeed for recreational purposes.
Why is this considered wrong? Us humans can get addicted to everything, and I must tell really everything. But Marijuana won't bring any chance to addiction more than tea.
And more, it was always completely normal to see someone using Opium while walking down the street; not that it is good or bad, but something happened and suddenly the hole society wasn't anymore viewing this as normal: it was viewing it as demoniac.

I wonder why people still believe that it is right to not want to distort the way we perceive the world.
To me, it is the human nature: to want things to be more than they really are. That's why we created art, and also why we had always, in the hole human history, used chemical substances to distort our perceptions. And the thing is, that for the most part of history of drug use, it was considered a sacred act, the only way to contact the nature spirits and gods.
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